Official debut EP released! “Last seen…”

My official debut EP was released on the 2nd of October 2017 and is called “Last seen…”  after the dubious Whatsapp functionality which made you see a lot of a persons behaviour regarding using this app…

It contains four small stories about how millenials have to deal with the surplus of incentives, in love, in the news, in the outside world. His generation, turning each stone, searching for a cause.

About the way to maturity, seeing himself growing into safe(?) adultery via facebook timelines. It talks of letting go, trying to be at peace. Dancing for a sense of freedom, a sense of clearance of the mind. About being online all the time, never daring nor wanting to be alone anymore, though yearning for disconnection…

That is why I am sometimes looking for solitude, somewhere and somehow – and why I am is last seen … at … .

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