Sensing a need to express himself, writing and playing music without having much clue how he does it, multi-instrumentalist Line en Row (aka Erwin Leon) is a solo-player, an independent music-maker, making light-hearted synth-pop music as a cure for a heavy heart.
Born in Rotterdam in 1990, he has a degree in civil engineering, but he always wanted to make music.
In early 2016, via one of his beloved friends – he got in contact with SEVDALIZA and she accepted him as one of the drummers for her (at the time) to be formed band, for which he is more grateful than people might ever know. He felt some recognision as an artist and he felt confident enough to start a solo-effort.  He plays drums, keys, guitar and sings. He also produces, mixes and masters his own tracks, trusting his ears is most he got. And they sure seem trustworthy.
Being thaught by himself he has his own sound, his own approach and he doesn’t like to be trained by any method, because it might harm his trademark, or his way of saying things or  even just simply spoil the fun of creating. Playing the drums for over 14 years – he doesn’t want to be looked at as just a drummer, doesn’t necessarily sees himself as one. He wants to be referred to as a musician, just as easy settling in a position on the background as on the foreground, it doesn’t really matter, carrying someones message with love and dedication, though not able to live without conveying his own.
That is why Line en Row started as a solo project – to carry his own message, to explore his minds’ capabilities, musicology and creativity. His music could be described as retro-styled synth-pop, lo-fi, indiepop. But it is written with imagination, with a free soul. Translating his feelings, plunging into creating music with utter joy.
His first official EP is on the way and is called “last seen”, after the dubious whatsapp feature.
It contains four small stories about how millenials have to deal with the surplus of incentives, in love, in the news, in the outside world. His generation, turning each stone, searching for a cause.
About the way to maturity, seeing himself growing into safe(?) adultery via Facebook timelines. It talks of letting go, trying to be at peace. Dancing for a sense of freedom, a sense of clearance of the mind. About being online all the time, never daring nor wanting to be alone anymore, though yearning for disconnection…
That is why Line en Row is sometimes looking for solitude, somewhere and somehow – and why he is last seen … at … .